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Healthy options Burgers

All other diet burgers are made to the same recipes with the same cuts of meat, all extra ingredients such as leek, ginger, spring onion etc are low in fat themselves so when added to the sausages they remain low in fat.
Our Beef burgers are made from 100% lean steak

Healthy options Sausages
All other fat free sausages are made to the same recipe with the same cuts of meat. The extra ingredients such as leek, ginger and spring onion are low in fat themselves so when added to the sausages they remain low in fat.

All our diet burgers and sausages are guaranteed to taste exactly the same as our standard sausages due to the high quality of the meat we use.

We also produce a range of Gluten Free Burgers and Sausages. Plain pork gluten free sausages are always in stock however if you require any other flavours just ask the Butcher and they can be made to order for you.

Other products

Extra Lean Mince

100% Pork

100% Chicken

100% Turkey

100% Beef

Our Butcher can also help you in other ways by removing any fat from your cuts of meat to ensure that the fat content is as low as possible.

Reduced Fat Curry Sauces

We now stock a full range of Bibijis reduced fat curry sauces. Each 475g pack serves 4 and contains only 43 calories!

§ Less than 2% fat!

§ 1.5 WeightWatchers ProPoints!

§ Gluten free!

§ Virtually no saturated fat!

§ No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives!

§ Suitable for vegetarians

§ Unique chilli system so curry can be as hot as you like!

§ Great fresh taste!

Each packet is priced at £3.00 and comes in these great flavours:

§ Vindaloo

§ Bhuna

§ Kashmiri

§ Jalfrezi

§ Tikka Masala

§ Madras

§ Rogan Josh

§ Korma

100% Beef Burger£1.00each
100% Beef Sausages£9.00kg
100% Pork & Beef Sausages£9.00kg
100% Pork Sausages£9.00kg
Chicken & Herb Sausages£9.00kg
Chicken Burger£1.00each
Cumberland Sausages£9.00kg
Hickory Smoked Sausages£9.00kg
Italian Pork, Fennel & Garlic Sausages£9.00kg
Kangaroo Burger£1.20each
Lincolnshire Sausages£9.00kg
Mo's Mighty Meaty Burger£1.30each
Pork & Chilli Sausages£9.00kg
Pork & Garlic Sausages£9.00kg
Sweet Chilli Sausages£9.00kg
Turkey and Tarragon Sausages£9.00kg
Turkey Burger£1.30each
Venison Burger£1.00each
Venison Sausages£9.00kg
Wild Boar Burger£1.00each


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