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21 May 2011

Butcher’s bangers with a difference help celebrate Blue Day

Published on Thursday 31 March 2011 11:44 in the Portsmouth Evening News

School pupils will be munching blue sausages made especially for them by a butcher for Blue Day.

As well as enjoying a barbecue with the bangers on May 6, youngsters at Tipner’s Harbour School will pay to wear blue clothes and take part in activities including races carrying blue jelly and custard pies.

The event is part of The News Blue Day, which turns the city the colour of its football club in aid of the Tom Prince Cancer Trust.

This is the third event of its kind both teacher David MacAskill and the school have been involved in.

Mr MacAskill said: ‘Everyone’s looking forward to it.

‘At first the kids didn’t want to taste the sausages because of the colour, but now they’ve all tried them, they love them and they’re excited about the barbecue.

‘Blue Day is fun and the kids love it but the underlying message about teenage bone cancer is one which the school feels a particular connection to because we work with teenagers.’

He added: ‘It’s great that it’s for the community and it helps our kids to look at other people and try to understand what they might be going through.’

The sausages are being donated to the school by award-winning butcher Maurice Twells, who runs Twells Traditions in Portchester.

Mr Twells has created over 120 different types of bangers and won numerous gold standard awards and national competitions.

To create his Blue Day speciality, Mr Twells adds coloured food dye to the meat mixture and has only ever made them once before, for Pompey’s FA Cup final match in 2008.

He said: ‘This is the first time I have been involved in Blue Day and I’m excited about it. It’s going to be a really enjoyable day for everyone and it’s for a great cause.’

All profits from Blue Day will go the Tom Prince Cancer Trust which was set up by the Pompey fanatic’s family shortly after his death in 2004, to fund research into the disease.

The Princes aim to raise £1m for the cause and have generated £580,000 to date – £150,000 of which was from the previous Blue Days.

21 Apr 2008 Newspaper: Service with a smile

A business or employee who brightens up customers lives

A butcher was smiling from ear to ear after seeing his burgers crowned the best in the country.

Maurice Twells, based in West Street, Portchester, has had his own creation, Mo’s Mighty Meaty Burger, awarded the prestigious title of England’s Best Beef burger.

The owner of Twells Tradition triumphed with the best burger in the butcher category before going head to head with the winners of the catering and manufacturer categories in the grand final- and emerged triumphant.

His recipe for success includes a secret ingredient that he refuses to reveal, but which makes them “150 percent better”.

Mr Twells, 54, said: “I can’t believe we won. The recipe is fairly new and was developed purely for this summer. We knew it was a good burger but certainly never expected it to be crowned Englands best”.

“The key is that we use top-quality meat, sourced from a fully-assured local supplier, combined with fresh ingredients, which give the burger a really good flavour. We’ve won a few prizes for our sausages before. But this one is special”.
21 Apr 2008 The Vote
by Jeff Reines
The News
Friday 15th December, 2006
Happy shoppers have flooded The News with nominations for the latest in our weekly feature The Vote - to find the best butcher.
Maybe it is the time of year, when many people's thoughts turn to the traditional tasty treats to come, but The Vote's look at the often family-run businesses at the heart of our towns and villages resulted in more than a dozen nominations.
We have been told about the superior quality, helpful service and just plain old-fashioned friendliness at establishments from every corner of The News' patch.
And from the comments received, the meat departments in the corners of the all-under-one-roof supermarket giants will never be able to equal that personal touch.
Such service is at the heart of The News' Save Our Shops campaign.
Maurise Twells of Twells Tradition in Portchester is just one the butchers short listed for the final.
Anyone who has had any contact with Maurice Twells would appreciate why he and the Twells Tradition in West Street, Portchester, have been put up as one of the best. As well as his regular support for local charities and good causes, customers are left pleasantly bewildered by a list of no less than 120 different types of sausage on offer... and he's always on the hunt for new and interesting varieties to attempt. They have been showered with awards for sausages over the years. Customer John Fabian, of Portchester, said: "It is a very friendly family butcher, very helpful and knowledgeable and always sells high-quality meat and poultry".
21 Apr 2008 Email from Lorna Irwin

To: The News

Sent: 13 December 2006 17:23

Subject: The Vote- the best butcher

We wish to nominate Maurice Twells of Twells Butchers in Portchester for you competion. Portchester has had a number of butchers come and go over the years, but since Maurice (also known as Mo) opened his shop a few years ago, there has been a steady stream of satisfied customers. We believe that people even come from well outside the area in order to shop there.

Twells has a wide range of products for sale (home-made pies, pasties, cooked meat, jams and chutneys, cheese, fresh eggs) and does a catering service for parties etc. Mo makes all his own sausages- often the window is filled with up to twenty different varieties, and some adventurous combinations of taste. But, more importantly, it is the quality of the meat he sells that places this butcher at the top of any list. We have never, ever, had any meat which has not been of the best in terms of flavour and quality. Mo knows how to select meat and how to butcher it so that there is never any question of toughness or blandness. He will dress it into any shape or cut you wish. His cheerful and efficient service in the shop coupled with his delightful  sense of humour, will, we hope, carry on for many years to come.


T and L Irwin


21 Apr 2008 Newspaper: The Journal, Thursday 16th August 2007

Butcher’s recipe for success

A butcher has seen his burgers crowned as the best in the country.

Maurice Twells, based in West Street, Portchester


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